Cropsavers Cone Types
Tridekon has 6 Cropsaver Cone Models- All interchangeable
The various cone types are designed so Cropsavers can fit different sizes and features of every model of sprayer.
The Bean Cone is the only cone that is designed for a specific crop.  Other than the short cone is recommended if you are dessicating Canola. 
Standard Narrow Cones 
are the most commonly used.
16" across the back
Standard Wide Cones
are for sprayers with wider tires. Please specify tire size when ordering. 19" across the back
Chopped Cones
have the tops cut off for clearance on some sprayers. Available in both narrow 16" and wide 19".
(eg: Rear tires of some Nitro machines, spra-Coupe 7600 series, New Holland front boom)
Short Cones  
  Available in 16", 19 and 21".  Recommended for the rear tires on articulating machines and models with clearance issues eg Front Boom Sprayers.  Also recommended for desiccating Canola.
Bean Cones 
are designed to run low in the crop enabling it to get under vines. We recommend them for beans and other row crops. Not recommended for high speed spraying. Only available in 16".
Step Cones 
are available for machines where the sprayer's ladder interferes with the Cropsaver. (eg: some Condor machines)The ladder can be removed as there is a step built into the cone. Available in 16" and 19".