Cropsavers Cropsaver Calculator
How much can Cropsavers save you on your farm?
Use the form below to calulate:
  • How long the cropsavers will take to pay for themselves?
  • How cropsavers improve your net profit?
Imagine how much running cropsavers on your farm can save you over years of use?

Input your numbers and see how cropsavers can affect your bottom line.
Tridekon Cropsaver Calculator
Your Farm's Numbers
Expenses (Per Acre) --------------------------------
Yield (Per Acre) ---------------------------------------
Grain Price (per bushel)----------------------------
# of Acres ----------------------------------------------
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Boom  width in feet ----------------------------------
Tire size in inches -----------------------------------
Calculated percentage trampled ----------------
Gross Profit
See the difference
Gross Profit with Cropsavers -------------------- $
Net Profit with Cropsavers ------------------------ $
Gross Profit without Cropsavers ---------------- $
Net Profit without Cropsavers -------------------- $
Increase in profit due to Cropsavers ----------- $
Current Margin ---------------------------------------
Margin with Cropsavers ---------------------------
Percentage increase to Net Profit -------------- %
Cropsavers pay for themselves  
Price for a set of cropsavers --------------------- $
# of acres for cropsavers to pay for themselves