About Us
Cropsavers were originally designed in 1997 by Ad, Bert and Leon deKoning operating as deKoning Farms. The brothers and their dad, Janus were always looking to improve the machinery they ran on their own farm. There soon became a real market for the Cropsavers, which evolved into their manufacturing company. Tridekon takes pride in manufacturing products that are Designed and Tested by Farmers for Farmers. The Televeyor, a hydraulic telescoping conveyor for the ease of unloading grain trailers, was their next invention.
In 2006, Tridekon realized the need to expand their operation to a location that accommodated cropsaver production year round. In the spring of 2007 Tridekon and the Cropsaver/Extractor manufacturing moved to their new location and is operated and managed by Bert and Maureen (Mo) deKoning.
Dekoning Innovations continues to manufacture the televeyor on the family farm and is operated by Ad & Deb deKoning.To inquire about the Televeyor please contact Ad deKoning at (204)966-3342 or check out their website www.dekoninginnovations.com Innovative Solutions and It’s Time Promotions, located in Provost, AB are operated by Leon & Sharon deKoning. Leon has continued his career in the manufacturing industry making vacuum trucks for the Alberta oil fields. 
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