Grain Extractors

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Tridekon has been developing and testing grain bag extracting machines since 2008 – the Grain Boss 13” and 16” grain bag unloader models are a result of 4 years of rigorous in the field development. Tridekon are proud to provide customers with the Grain Boss, which is not only the fastest extractors on the market, but one of the most well priced grain bag unloaders. Resulting from our testing and research we have introduced a few industry first features that separate our machines from the competition.
The Grain Boss high capacity cross auger feed system ensures that the main auger is fed to its maximum capacity at all times. Grain Boss grain bag unloader accomplishes this by utilizing a secondary cross auger to break up material in the grain bag before it is force fed into the loading auger by the main cross auger. This means that the 13” model can move 12,000 bu/hour (200 bu./min) and the 16” model can move 18,000 bu./hr (300 bu./min) – two of the fastest grain bag extractors on the market. The Grain Boss models are the only machines that offer this level of performance that is available to customers using a full range of grain bag sizes.

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Another Grain Boss extractor feature is the steerable driven wheels. Our research has shown that when grain bags are filled it isn’t always possible to keep them in a perfectly straight line. As a result when extracting the grain from the bag the extracting machines need to be stopped and repositioned. Grain Boss grain bag unloaders come standard with steerable drive wheels to allow for on-the-go adjustments to correct for a crooked bag or to keep the tractor in-line and production doesn’t have to be slowed.Tridekon have also learned that if the bag has tears or cuts in it the roller drive system cannot be relied on alone to pull the machine and tractor through. As a result of this Grain Boss models use a combination of the roller drive and driven wheels to pull the machine through the bag without creating any additional tears. Both drive systems are hydraulically driven and can be regulated by the user to match bagged commodity needs.
To keep the trucks loaded evenly the high output loading auger is able to swing a full 360 degrees. The operator can make simple adjustments hydraulically to accurately move the auger to avoid overflows and spills.
Grain Boss grain bag unloader uses a pull through roller design that drops the bag after it has been pulled through the machine. This means you don’t have to stop production to empty bag rollers – Grain Boss can run at full capacity until the job is complete. The empty bag only requires clean up once.

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Both Grain Boss 13 and Grain Boss 16 can be used in 9’ to 12’ diameter bags. In even the smallest diameter bag the Grain Boss models run inside the track of the bag, this means that in winter when snow is banked up against the grain bags there is no need to clear snow from around the bags. This removes any risk of tearing the bag with snow removal equipment.
After extensive field testing Tridekon is proud to offer it’s customers all of these practical features to get the job done easier and faster without sacrificing reliability or quality.