Mounted on your sprayer, Tridekon Cropsavers® can reduce crop trampling by 80 to 90 per cent when applying chemical or fertilizer to your crop.

Tridekon Cropsavers divide the crop around the sprayer wheels. The corrosion proof stainless steel cone houses a heavy duty parallel lift system that can be adjusted so the cone sits in the optimal height for your crop type. Suspended using a spring Cropsavers move up vertically out of the way if they come in contact with an obstacle.

CropSaversTM can be used for both fungicide and pre-harvest desiccating in a variety of crops including canola, beans, cereals, cotton and corn.

A 90’ sprayer with a 12.4” wide tires tramples three per cent of your crop. That’s 20 acres of crop lost for every section of land sprayed. Cropsavers reduce these losses by 80% to 90%. With a crop valued at $200/acre, Cropsavers will increase your bottom line by approximately $6 per acre.

Field proven for over 15 years – Cropsavers are built heavy to last.

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Note in the pictures above how this canola field sprayed using Tridekon Cropsavers shows less damage when sprayed and actually recovers as the growing season passes.

Cropsaver crop shields shown above in cotton.  Using dividers on the left and without on the right. You can see the difference of tramping between the two photos. The deflector extension shields were used in this instance.