Cropsavers Mounting To Your Machine
Tridekon has designed bolt-ons and mounting systems so that cropsavers can be mounted on any make or model of sprayer. Tridekon keeps up to date with the latest machine design changes.

Over the last 10 years the high clearance sprayer has drastically increased in size. A majority of these bigger machines require wider tires, making cropsavers a must.

Many farmers who have their fields custom sprayed are now asking for their fields to be sprayed with the Cropsavers on the machines. Any custom sprayer with any type of machine can have the advantage of Tridekon cropsavers.
What makes cropsavers so versitile between different machines?
  • 95% of the parts used in a set of cropdividers are the same from set to set, no matter the make or model of the sprayer
  • The specific bolt on kit to match your machine
  • Custom arm length specialized to your machine to ensure Cropsavers are places in the optimal position in front of your tires
  • Capable of being adjusted horizontally to properly align the cone in front of the tires
  • There are a variety of cone types that are all interchangeable to accomodate different tire sizes and clearance issues. Check out the "Cone Types" to help determine the right cones for your machine .
Required Information
The information you need to know about your machine before ordering is:
  • Make and model of the sprayer
  • Tire size
  • Any foreseen clearance issues when operating the sprayer or putting into transport such as:
    • Ladders
    • Booms
    • Fenders - Some fenders may need to be modified to work with cropsavers or some operators choose to remove them
To get the right cropsaver fit on your machine check to see if your machine has any of the following:
  • Wheel motors(eg; small or big wheel motors on the Nitros)
  • Accumulators (eg; some Rogators need to move the accumulator to the rear of the wheel motor)
  • Drop boxes (eg; condor and apache)
  • Angle drive (eg; condor and apache)
  • For Apaches, we also need to know if the machine has a heavy duty front axle or a light front axle.
  • For the Case 3200 + 4200 series, we need to know if they have fenders as we will modify the bolt on to accommodate.
  • For the Wilmars, we need to know if it is a knee suspension or a straight leg.